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Our Vision

Adfam is a charity organisation which is helping families that are badly affected by drugs and liquor. Be part of a loving and supportive family to enjoy physical and mental wellbeing because we want everyone affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use to have the chance to benefit from these healthy relationships.

Family relations and happiness can be threatened and even shatter completely due to alcohol and drug abuse.

Our Mission

We engage family members and caregivers collective participation support to change this course of direction.

Our Core Values

We listen to frontline workers and families People who have experienced these type of problems most likely can provide some solutions. Our supporters informed what we do: We support and empower both people affected by substance misuse and the workers who support them with the evidence and compassion with us. For individuals we assemble skills, assets, confidence and pathways to help them themselves, their companions, customers, and communities.

We're Driven By What Works

Our aim is to improve health and happiness decisions in family set up, work place and social gatherings. This is the secret behind our dynamic approach to drug and alcohol abuse. We accept evidence regardless of how different it might be, paying equal attention to both practical evidence and official research data in order to do this. We listen to our peers, supporters and friends and we base our work on their advice.

We're Serious About Our Mission

Our overall objective is driven by commitment and partnering with organisations which share similar sentiments towards addiction rehabilitation. We promise to treat families and individuals affected by drugs and alcohol with dignity and respect because we know that stigma and prejudice are barriers to recovery and can cause harm.

Who We Work With

  • Families, companions and carers - We actually notify and engage those individuals who are influenced by other's substance utilise, and we also wanted to raise their voices and realize them to know that they are in the issue that badly affect them.
  • Frontline Workers - We train workers to have confidence and capability so we can rest assured they will be useful and efficient in their work.
  • Decision-makers- Our engaged and influenced national and local leaders and decision makers make policies which are made according to the issues of families.

Ready to Get Help?

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